Friday, 15 February 2019

Finding Traffic that Gets Results

Too many times, we online marketers and bloggers are too content with just getting traffic to our websites and blogs. We love watching those traffic stats go up and the lines on our traffic charts point up. 

Yet we tend to ignore the fact that most of those recent visitors to our websites are not helping our bottom line at all. In fact, this mismatched web traffic actually hurts our sites. Why? It is because these visitors immediately click away from our blogs and websites, spending no time at all there. 

This lack of activity kills our bounce rate which has an adverse effect on how the major search engine rank our webpages and blog posts for our targeted keywords. Unless you have not been paying attention lately, Google and others are now evaluating how much time visitors are actually spending on our sites and factoring that into our SERPS.

This is why we should not be contented with just sending any traffic to our websites. It can be very detrimental to the overall performance of our blogs and the content we have posted there. We need our visitors to be targeted and have a need and desire to read the information and stories that we post for them online.

Too many marketers today are trying to blast their sites with all kinds of traffic – hoping that something sticks. Resist the temptation to do this, my friend. It will not serve you very well at all.

2 Actions That Help you Get the Right Traffic

After talking about what happens when you are not careful about the traffic you send to your website, let us discuss ways to get targeted traffic instead.

Plan a Series of Targeted Content

You should already know the biggest problems that the customers in your market are facing. Take one of those problems and plan a series of target content around that.

For instance, you could start with a comprehensive blog post defining the problem, what caused it, and how it affects your typical customer. And then you could follow that with an article about how the problem has impacted other people, and how you understand their plight. This article should show empathy and build rapport.

Next, you could follow with a third article about what will happen to those who do not address the problem. Illustrate the pain and discomfort of not dealing with the problem. Make the reader feel the problem vividly.

Finally, you last article will deal with how it feels to solve this problem. And of course, you will show them how to solve it with your product – or an affiliate product.

You want each article in this series to contain at least 1500 words. You want to use as many as topic keywords as possible. The advantage of have long articles is that they can rank for dozens of secondary keywords. Over time, a long article becomes a butterfly net for lots of traffic from different sources.

Finally, you want each article to link to the next one in the series. Guide the reader through one article after the next. This is a very effective way to close an online sale. The traffic you receive from this series will be very targeted.

Address Hot Trending Topics

All of us need to follow the leaders of our niches and markets. Next, we need to follow the most popular blogs within our niches and markets. And finally, we need to know which blog posts and topics are hottest and most shared across social media.

The key here is setting yourself up to monitor our markets. There are expensive services like Buzzsumo that will let us monitor what is hot, but not niches can be monitored there.

I recommend that you set up a Feedly account with to monitor the biggest blogs in any market. In your Feedly account, you can see which articles are getting the most social shares. These are the topics that you should be blogging about.

You don’t need to repeat and copy what has already been said, instead you should share your opinion about these topics. Better yet, share your experiences in regards to the hottest topics – this is how you develop your own voice, which will attract quicker than anything else you can do.

You find yourself getting tons of targeted traffic when you smartly address the hot topics in your market. This is especially true if you have great ideas.

Good luck in getting lots of new traffic to your blog!

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